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Subscription fees

There are no subscription fees to be a member of The Caviar Club. A  membership (a commitment of at least $300 worth of caviar at $1 per gram sent monthly, bi-monthly - every 2 months or quarterly) can be canceled, paused, or restarted at any time wi

Can I change caviar type and quantity for my next shipment?

Yes you can, log in to your Account page and make sure that your next order is just the way you like it. Add or remove products, change the date of your next shipment, adjust how often you get your caviar - whatever you need!

How to place orders with Prepaid Flexible Subscription

When you purchase a Flexible Subscription, you will receive an email containing your Gift Card code. This is used as a discount code at checkout when you place your future orders for caviar deliveries. If you can’t find the code, please check your sp