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How to store caviar - Shelf life - storing caviarUpdated 10 months ago

Our caviar is a raw product, freshly packed without any preservatives besides salt, so it has a limited shelf life. 


We recommend storing unopened tins of caviar in the coldest part of your fridge and consuming them within 1 week of delivery. Stored properly, unopened caviar will last up to 3 weeks. For your reference, please also check the best by date on the back side of each tin in your order.


Once the tin is opened, we highly recommend consuming it within 48 hours for the best flavor and texture.


Ideally caviar should be stored at 28-32 degrees Fahrenheit. Home refrigerators tend to reach 36 degrees Fahrenheit which is why we recommend refreezing and storing ice packs with your tins in the fridge.


Please note that we do not recommend freezing the caviar itself.

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