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How to read a Fresh TagUpdated 10 months ago

Our caviar comes in an insulated box with enough ice packs to keep it fresh during transportation. 


We also use a Fresh Tag - a temperature monitor. It is a sticker divided into white and colored parts. The center of the colored part is the actual indicator. The Fresh Tag is normally located on a metallic disc inside the foam box with the tins. 


Orange or red dot/center at the time of receipt indicates that the correct temperature was not maintained during transportation. If it is green or green with some yellow - the caviar is safe to consume.


Please note the fresh tag is for transportation purposes only, it'll turn red anyhow in a few days. We recommend disposing of it upon receipt of the order.


Once you've received it, please look for a Fresh Tag and send us a photo of it if it's red, and we will arrange a replacement order to ship to you as soon as possible. 


Please see below the Fresh Tag with the Green Center (from dark to the light Green range above the white line) - if the Fresh Tag in your order looks like this, your caviar has arrived in good condition. 

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