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How to eat caviar - pairing optionsUpdated 10 months ago

Caviar should be served chilled. The eggs can be kept cold by placing the tin in a bowl, nested in a larger bowl of ice.


Please avoid using silver utensils, or other metals that oxidize, as it will affect the taste of our product.


We recommend a traditional mother of pearl serving spoon.


You should start with small portions of caviar, no more than two small spoonfuls (less than 2 oz.) so that you can enjoy the feeling of the small beads on your tongue. Allow yourself to savor the caviar without chewing to extract the luxurious buttery flavor from the pearls.


Caviar is a delicious addition to many meals and recipes. The most common accouterments include creme fresh, lemon wedges, hard-boiled eggs, or minced onions. A traditional serving may include blini, a small buckwheat pancake. 


It is also popularly served with champagne, and if you select champagne, we recommend a "brut" or "extra brut" but not an "extra-dry" to get the best possible flavor pairing.



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